Quality Management

Already since 1996, SKD has been pursuing a system of quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001 implemented by the German headoffice in order to constantly improve business processes – the certification has been extended for another three years by the Technical Control Board North Cert in 2015.

SKD is always anxious to improve the internal production and administration processes in order to meet the continuous pressure put by both, competition and the increasing demand for quality. The management system is not only being provided but actively exemplified and implemented in each division.

Apart from a comprehensive incoming goods inspection, all production processes are controlled by procedures and are being documented accordingly in order to assure the highest quality level possible. Furthermore, the group of companies regularly implements supplier audits in order to control the complete value chain up to the delivery and to reveal potentials of optimization. SKD attaches utmost importance to its suppliers being certified.

Education and advanced training of the employees are of top priority in order to ensure the high educational level, since a quality management system is only as successful as the acting people applying it.

SKD will organize and manage the company in a future-proof way by means of a performed quality management system going along with continuous improvement processes.